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June 07, 2012



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People often feel ready to stage is a waste of time, only when the real chance come, and they have no ability grasp, they usually didn't prepare to consciousness is wasted time.

David Hamilton | Everlution

Reinventing ourselves, such a powerful topic. I've reinvented myself many times, and I'm doing that now again, in a big transitional phase. Reinventing everyday, it's scary, but also challenging and fun, especially when I moved beyond fear and step into that new me.

I really like the "get to" mindset, that it's a privilege. Fantastic stuff, Steve!


This really hits home for me because I have re-invented myself now that I am in my 30s. I've always been scared of the world, & it made me so angry & bitter that I developed this hard outer shell to pretend I'm tough. I don't want that to be me anymore. So I've been working on the new me --- softer, less prone to anger, more calm, eager to listen, ready to help, full of laughter, generous... I like the new me so much, I tend to get annoyed when others aren't following suit --- but that's a different story. The point is, I love the idea of re-inventing myself, & you just gave me validation. Thank you.

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