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June 05, 2012



We are eco-obsessive about eliminating all thigns plastic and petrol-based from dust pans to toothbrushes, I've found that if you search for it (and pay just a few $ extra) you can find quality permanent and/or sustainable alternatives.Sure, mining the raw materials (metals/glass/wood, etc) and manufacturing the item has an impact, but once produced will last many lifetimes and still be permanently recyclable after that. No matter how recyclable' plastics are in some community programs, it is not remotely close to being a closed system.


im a 48 year old black man .i have heard this song over the years ,never really got a ccahne to check it all out until tonight .7/2010,i have listened to about 6 different versions of this ,the internet really paid off for me tonite i love this song ,thank you

Basketball Sneakers

I salget av denne skoen er å være kjent skobutikk JDsports varme, vennligst kontakt oss. Sak 358858-612 Nei, Nike Big Nike høy, selv om det er Valentinsdag spesialutgave i 2010, men først nylig hyller. Rosa overdel og rød ankel fôr og rød i sluttfasen kontrast, standard krok og hvit yttersåle.

Allison DeFord

I look forward to the details. Sounds exciting!
You had me at "Rich Litvin and I..."

steve chandler

thank you Crystal

Crystal Belle

Fantastic! Thank you for this Steve. I have been joyfully discovering what it means to mix work and play lately and I've found that everyone writes their own "rules" to make this work- that's part of the play.
"the more one acts the more fun life gets..." I couldn't agree more! Thank you for the perfect reminder. I am grateful for you.

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