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June 29, 2012



"write him a little aploogy" seems like it would be horrible for an african american to read.really, so what if the races were reversed? Should I prepare myself for a lecture about 'white privilege"can't be too harsh on her though, it was a very diffrent time.not that it's right though.how kind of you.... here is my racist two cents:Rockwell was very good until he married his third wife, a radical leftist who politicized his hitherto unpolitical art that came from the heart. Some of his paintings in that period were good, like "a problem we all live with" but, I ask the white, self righteous liberals, did YOU live with that problem. My brothers and sisters had to attend forced diversity schools during the busing era, white kids would get beat up (including my brother and sisters) and the school, and, of course, the media, would ignore it- it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. By the time I got old enough my family became a white flight statistic and my neighborhood, like so many in cities, was destroyed.Lastly, there is something false about doing that, like the photoshopped in blacks on many college campus brochures (we embrace diversity!)


I think that Steve Jobs contributed a lot to our tcgnholoey with our him we are ignorant to the latest gadget he invented, all I can say he is a genius, and I am sure many will never forget what he done.My recent post


Great video! Steve was such a visionary. His psnisag leaves a huge hole. If he had gotten another 20 years I am positive he would have lead us to some new and great idea that now will simply never be thought of. Very sad.My recent post

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I never saw Nokia truly trying, tnnkiihg outside of the box, as I described in the blog even though they could have; so not even Nokia was able to do that.Re: Real example, but they didn't.Ah, the Moto ROCKR phone, yes. Din't do well a good lesson and perhaps validation why they needed to go w/ their own phone end-to-end.


Thank you Marty for this thoughtful trbiute. It is very sad when visionaries leave us one less hope. My mantra has always been and one of my art pieces is titled Think Daily. I don't remember seeing all the Think Different' ads but the notion is something to embrace need to add it to my daily mantra.

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steve chandler


Thanks for your comment....glad you like the chapter on MONEYFEAR... we go into that much further here:


David Hamilton | Everlution

One of the most common fallacies I agree, Steve. Got your book Fearless BTW and I'm really digging it, especially the chapter on money fears...as that's something I'm dealing with myself know and changing for the better. A great support indeed!

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